Esta modificación agrega una consulta por cada tema mostrado en la paginad e foro (forum display). Posiblemente debido a la mala decisión de agregar una tabla nueva a la base de datos cuando simplemente se hubiera podido agregar una columna a la tabla threads.

Es lo único criticable que alcance a notar, por el resto parece ser una modificación aceptable.
Why not? It shouldn't be a taboo. But even if you add your own table, you don't need to query the DB for every single thread that is loaded, you can fetch them all at the same time.

I could recommend a plugin that adds their own tables, but never one that runs this quantity of queries per page.
Updated to version 1.1

Threads List

  - Now only one query will be executed for take custom icons (Thanks to Omar G. for the advice)


  - Added link for Delete the plugin (The plugin will be uninstalled and its files will be deleted)
  - Modified the url of the plugin


  - Improved code
  - Added comments to files and functions
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