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TESLAGAME - RESPONSIVE MYBB THEME FROM MYSKINS STUDIO Hello friends, After a long await, which we have been teasing since the past 5 months we re...


Hello friends,

After a long await, which we have been teasing since the past 5 months we really are happy to announce that, we are releasing our new theme, the flagship theme from our MySkins Studio " Tesla Game".You guys have been awesome since the past few years by encouraging us bringing forth new themes, with astounding features. never ever seen in MyBB, and yt this is our time to prove what we exactly can with this new Responsive theme for MyBB.
This current release is a successor of its previous counterpart "TeslaGame" released in 2013.
The theme features a custom written framework from MySkins Studio.

Without a hesitation, we would quickly provide the details about the theme.

1. Features of the theme

1. A full responsive MyBB Theme, works flawlessly on cross platforms adapts to the width of the device used to browse the forum, like the mobiles, tabs and  desktop etc.

2. The theme has a flat design with striking UI according to modern web standards.The theme is designed to suit any type of forum though its name has a game.

3. Multiple colors to Choose : The theme provides a multi color option with 6 base colors for the administrator to choose the color of their likes from the Admin Panel.

4. Background changer : Users are provided with a total of 20 background options each depicting a game, to suit your likes. These backgrounds can be replaced with the ones of your choice.

5. Custom User Dropdown Menu with Multiple options and Responsive design.

6. Custom Main menu which is responsive based on jQuery.

7. jQuery features like Custom search, sidebar, Announcements, Tabbed profiles, Animations, Modal Login Box  with tabbed interface etc.

8. A responsive Custom Editor.

9. Css3 features like hover effects, animations, tooltips etc.

10. Custom Fonts and Icon Fonts Integrated with nearly 99% of MyBB icons replaced with icon fonts.

Previews and Demos:

Preview Images :

Index Page :  http://i.imgur.com/5OdwCpY.png
Main Menu:  http://i.imgur.com/fcQKDht.png
User Dropdown : http://i.imgur.com/E8vgvbY.png
Search Bar : http://i.imgur.com/nC5SJLd.png
Backgrounds to Choose : http://i.imgur.com/5t33nHA.png
Login Modal 1 : http://i.imgur.com/dd5Swc7.png
Login Modal 2: http://i.imgur.com/XTjXnRY.png
Threadlist : http://i.imgur.com/D30wWKk.png
Show Thread with classic Postbit : http://i.imgur.com/ttJ4frL.png
User CP : http://i.imgur.com/P5khrzp.png
Mod CP: http://i.imgur.com/cn0hVMU.png
User Profile : http://i.imgur.com/vuJGBd1.png


Green : http://i.imgur.com/7madR9V.png
Red : http://i.imgur.com/gqu8CMZ.png
Yellow : http://i.imgur.com/MCPyMtw.png
Purple : http://i.imgur.com/ejUEL8W.png
Navy : http://i.imgur.com/ybGnd8F.png
Blue: http://i.imgur.com/xd2WXTT.png

Mobile Previews :
Tablet/Ipad :

Index : http://i.imgur.com/XrSppYX.png
Index Forums: http://i.imgur.com/czvXLjz.png
Index: http://i.imgur.com/EJ0mA99.png
Index Footer: http://i.imgur.com/En5zx7O.png
User Dropdown: http://i.imgur.com/qB2jVeI.png
Profile : http://i.imgur.com/j42qesX.png
Show Thread : http://i.imgur.com/smqR1RX.png

Index: http://i.imgur.com/mKlcZAy.png
Forums: http://i.imgur.com/DYyzKfJ.png
Footer: http://i.imgur.com/qOU7mny.png
Show Thread: http://i.imgur.com/hid1Q9B.png

Preview Video:

1. Preview Video Narration:
This is video demo of Dark Edition, Light edition is 100% as same as dark edition. Video would be uploaded soon.

2.Responsive Video Demo:


Price & How to Buy :

The price of the theme is $25 for a single copy for a limited time - for the first 100 copies.
The price after 100 copies would be $35 per copy of the theme.

Copyright Removal is $50 Extra which is optional.

Payment is via paypal only and you can buy it from our MySkins Shop Only.
Note: No third party sellers are given a license to sell the theme.
Guests should register to purchase the theme and enjoy the quality and fast support and updates.

[Imagen: ugH6PMX.png]

Support and License :

Please click the license here before making Purchase : Link

The theme Comes with a custom license included in the theme package.
The Documentation is included within the package which includes the FAQ's of Theme, and various tutorials on how to optimize the theme.

Thank you for supporting MySkins and we wish to bring more good themes in future. 
We hope you guys love this work , and spread the word so we could make a few sales.

Please support us, designers and prevent piracy, this is my sincere request as we kept hours of hard work on this theme.

Thank you guys,
Envira Phani
MySkins Studio.
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