[1.8] Focus Flat Theme - Clean and Elegent
[Image: index-920x431.png]
Focus is a Flat, Clean and Elegent MyBB theme can be used by Which all sort of community users, one of the cool features of This theme is shrinking header on scroll Which looks really nice and works smoothly across all browsers. Some of the salient features of esta theme are: -
  1. Clean design with blend of blue and white
  2. Which icon Text based on scroll size Automatically Changes
  3. Sticky header on top
  4. Use of font-awesome icons based
  5. Css based buttons with icons
  6. Social sharing icons on footer
  7. Flat MyBB Theme
  8. Color white gray gradient based on postbit and threads listing
  9. With 4 column footer based about us section and advertisement links
  10. Scrolling top icon on footer
  11. Sidebar with board stats and Who's Online
  12. Sidebar advertisement section
  13. Use of google font ( Lobster )
  14. And lots of cool features, try this out [Image: simple-smile.png]
  1. Index for Guest
  2. user Index
  3. footer Image
  4. All Screenshot
Who can Use this theme
Focus Flat MyBB theme is 100% Free to use and you can even edit the theme to your liking. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact me   at all. 
I request you to not remove MyBB credits or WallBB theme's copyright.

Hope you like the Focus MyBB theme.

Download Now from MyBB Mods
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If you need any support With This theme, Feel free to ask or contact me directly.
If You have issue related to myalerts showing usercp, Euan check post here

To add latest thread in sidebar, Please follow this post

Change log 
# 3 (dev)

#Build 3
- Updated Who's Online With complete list
- Board stats are now collapsable
- Forum updated with New Display icons
- Theme now supports Background pattern design
- Removal of bugs
- Improved overall size of the theme 
# 2 (dev)
#Build 2 

- Theme updated for Version 1.8.7 MyBB
- Fixed issue with Text Editor Not showing on MyBB 1.8.6 version

# 1 (dev)
The first build has not changes. 

I hope you like the product and I will continue to deliver more awesome designs for you all. Please do not PM, ask support questions here.

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